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Residential and Commercial Services

Rockland Plumbing & Sewer services residential and commercial sewers to keep you protected from environmental hazards. One of the most important architectural elements is your sewer system. Understandably so because it provides an exit for your water drainage and waste matters. As your sewer contractors, we make sure that your sewage goes straight where it should and that no unwelcome issues suddenly disturb your day.

We provide the following services:

Sewer Connection
Being a sewer plumbing company, we perform inspection, installation, repair, and replacement of your sewer connection. From simple to complex sewer connections, we’ve seen them all. The sewer connection starts from your fixtures (toilets, sinks, tubs, laundry) to your home’s pipes, then extends to the upper lateral pipe, to the lower lateral pipe and then into the sewer main. Whatever gets damaged or broken along this connection, we’ll fix it promptly and efficiently.
Sewer Cleaning

Why is sewer and drain cleaning important. It is essentially a maintenance measure. Having a regular cleaning practice allows for clean and potable water in your home. A well-maintained sewer and drain will save you from contracting water-borne diseases and illnesses. Even the most developed nations still require sewer cleaning for everything to be clog-free and in functional condition. Our sewer contractors will take on this task for you.

Sewer Pipe Installation

At Rockland Plumbing & Sewer, we are not only a sewer plumbing company, but environmental advocates as well. Our sewer contractors will install or replace your pipes using environmentally responsible methods. Whether it’s new construction or renovation, a well-structured pipe configuration can determine the quality of your sewer system. It doesn’t always have to lead to damaged backyards and landscapes. With our trench-less pipe installation, it is possible to have subsurface construction work with less environmental impact.